Welcome To The Kirtland Area Service Council’s Webpage!

The Kirtland Area Service Council, Inc. is an agency consisting of it’s volunteers, Officers and Board… providing social services to the communities comprising the Kirtland, OH local school district (Kirtland, Kirtland Hills, &Waite Hill).

Our board members are actively involved in one or more of Kirtland’s civic organizations. This give us unique visibility into the social welfare needs of Kirtland’s citizenry.


ANNUAL SENIOR LUNCHEON WILL BE HELD MONDAY MAY 7TH AT 11:00 am. This is a wonderful event for seniors. Lunch, entertainment, informational speaker, raffle prizes… these are just some of the fun activities. The luncheon is held at the Kirtland Community of Christ. More info coming out soon.

STUFF THE BUS: Tuesday August 7th from 3-7 pm and Wednesday August 8th from 10-2! Come on up to the Kirtland school and donate some supplies to help our KIRTLAND students. Please consider helping us get a school bus filled with supplies!! More info and a list of needed supplies coming soon.